Saturday, February 28, 2009

Self Confidence is a luxury.

Quite the week.

Frustration at work, missing my family, elated at seeing them again, sober, not-so-sober, hangover, exhausted, and finally, Friday Night Finish Line. kind of.

Took the kids to Chucky Satan last night at the begging of my wife, and reaffirmed why I believe that mouse to be the Anti-Christ. He scares the crap outta my daughter anyway, so why are we going there? Oh that's right...because that's where I left my migraine. Was wondering where that thing had run off to.

Then, off to find the elusive Burrito Zacatecas at my fav refried bean dispensary only to find that the economy had eaten my restaurant. I cried in the car for 15 minutes until my wife begged me to pull it together in front of the kids, and we moved on to another establishment, rated an extremely distant second in my book. sigh.

So this morning, after waking up with a belly full of substandard tortillas and vodka, it is time to corral the hooligans, and hunker down for a Daddy survival day in the house due to 30 degree weather outside. Makes sense, right? I mean it was 80 degrees yesterday, so clearly it was 30's turn.

Well, there is one more thing I want to share with you before I launch into my day of rotating Kix, Fig Newtons, hot dogs and chicken nuggets.

I am coming out of blogger hiding with 30 other locals tonight to have dinner together in the Dallas area.

JillJill, EM, Sloane, Elaine, Shauna...bloggers I love to stalk will tonight be able to look me in my eyes, and judge me. The thing is, well, people don't tend to like me in person quickly. Im not the guy that people are drawn to...definitely not "Fun Bobby". I'm the guy that you get to know, learn how my sarcasm works, and find one day that I have worn you down. (usually it's the same day you find yourself in bed with me, right honey? ;-) SLAP)

It's something about me that I've always had to overcome, and it makes excelling at work a challenge at times. Essentially what I am saying is that sharing my personality in the real world may be a blog-killer.

So this morning, as much as I have been looking forward to tonight, I find myself quite apprehensive. Maybe I'll just sit in the bushes outside the restaurant, shivering and peering in the window rather than putting myself out there. Maybe after being beaten up by my kids all day I will find myself with no remaining strength, ego, or sense of humor, and decide not to go.

And maybe I just have so much admiration for these people that I won't be able to stay away. Maybe I'll try to remember that I'm not 14 anymore, and that some people give you a chance no matter how uncomfortable you appear to be.

So maybe I WILL go.

...and keep my frickin' mouth shut.

I'll be the creepy guy in the corner. That's better, right?

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey! You with the mouse!!

Wake up, my lovelies. I need your help.

My friend Sandy over at is up for a big award opportunity, and if you adore her wisdom, photography, and spunk as much as I do, will you PLEASE go vote for her today? It seriously will mean the world to her, and will only take you 3 clicks and 3 seconds to help her out.

Go here to vote, and thanks for helping me support her.

Yes, I know she's hot. That's totally why Im helping her. If you're hot and need help, please email me. We can meet for drinks and talk about how I can help you, too.


ow...sorry, honey.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yet another talent I don't have.

I missed you crazy kids.

Got back from Vegas last night, had to go there on business yet again. No, Im not hiding a girlfriend, boyfriend, or a special bank account that I fund hookers from. Thanks for your confidence.

So, I saw an amazing thing yesterday I wanted to share with you. I have such a deep admiration for the arts, whether in the form of music, canvas, or otherwise, and the motivational speaker that my company brought in was a truly incredible guy.

He spoke of being a father, an artist, innovation and more, and he really proved to be a man that you found yourself wanting to emulate.

And then, he painted. Three canvases on the stage, and as he began to paint on the first, U2's Beautiful Day came up. He painted furiously and quickly, putting paint on the canvas in a technique I had never seen live, until finally the image simply jumped into your consciousness. And we sat there quietly until it did, and then as if he had reached into our heads simultaneously, we all erupted into cheering and applause as we realized what he had created, all in just the duration of that one song...a fantastic image of Bono himself.

Now, Im sorry I didnt catch the creation of the Bono painting on video, as it really was the moment of revelation as to what he was doing. But watch the other two videos I got of the other two paintings, especially the second. You will hear me realize what the painting is of on the audio...I caught on before anyone else around me, so see if you get it before I did.

In the spirit of Jen's A Thousand Words Thursday, his talent and inspirational talk really left me in awe. Wish you could have been there with me...

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute: Sunny Atwood

Since beginning my annual St Baldrick's push this year, we encountered a couple of very sad stories about kids losing their battles with childhood cancer, Tuesday and Cora. But more and more children are surviving thanks to technological advances in surgeries and chemicals, and I wanted to tribute a girl today who is surviving her extremely scary bout with cancer.

Organizations like St. Baldrick's are providing the funds necessary to find a cure, and I want to encourage you to give what you can to help kids become the happy stories rather than the sad. The exerpt below was sent to me from the St Baldrick's organization, and again reminded me why I do this. I'm gonna raise as much money as I can, and then on March 21st I will shave my head to honor ALL of these kids.


The following story was written by childhood cancer survivor, Seneca “Sunny” Atwood, who shares her own experience with adamantinoma. (Published by

My story started when I was six years old and my Mom found a lump on my leg. My leg hurt to touch and it was very big. We went to my doctor and he said it was a bruise and it would go away. We waited and it didn't go away so we then went to many other doctors and they also said it wasn't anything. Finally one doctor said it could be a tumor.

I had my first surgery to biopsy my tumor and the test indicated it was not cancer. We celebrated the news but my mom had been researching and found out that she wanted a second opinion. The second opinion came out positive. My mom went to the Mayo Clinic and they confirmed that it was cancer and that I needed an operation quickly as the cancer had spread throughout my leg.

My second surgery involved taking out my entire right tibia, which was full of cancer. They took the fibula from my left leg and put it in place of my right tibia. After 10 hours of complete reconstruction of both legs, I came out of surgery and the doctors said it went well. I was in the hospital for one week and stayed home from school for many weeks. I was homeschooled by my mom and grandma. I have since had 3 other surgeries to add hardware or correct my legs and my surgery on December 8, 2008 was the last of my 5 surgeries to conclude my cancer treatment. Fortunately, they have not found the cancer anywhere in my body since my original diagnosis. I would never have made it through my treatments without a strong faith in God, a loving family, some great doctors and loving friends and supporters.

When I was diagnosed, my mom wanted to do something about this horrible disease. She heard about St. Baldrick's and started the first St. Baldrick's event in New Mexico. Since then they have raised nearly $400,000. St. Baldrick's is a wonderful, fun thing that brings hope to the lives of kids who are threatened with cancer. I wanted to say God Bless all of you who help with St. Baldrick's. Thank you for being HEROS.

Until a Cure,
Sunny (Seneca) Atwood

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

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I gained 8 pounds this weekend.

I'm not kidding.
On Friday morning I weighed myself...6' 1", 200lbs, on the nose.
Went away for the weekend, spent great time with friends who love to eat and drink, abandoned all self-restraint, and treated my body like a septic tank.
Weigh-in last night? 208.
Meaning I ate and drank the equivalent of a healthy newborn baby this weekend.
How is that even remotely possible??

Ok...I think I figured it out.

Vodka, beer, cake, vodka, cake, sausage rolls, cinnamon rolls, red wine, cake.

8lbs. Currently residing on my ass.

Congrats to Debi, and thanks for being my 200th follower on my sidebar! I gotta tell you, it has been a rough road to get to 200...I have been stuck at 197-198 for weeks...been losing followers as fast as I have been gaining them.

Can't really think of anything about me that people dont like, I mean, Im pretty damn perfect...Must be because of the cancer talk...some people LOVE cancer, and I may have offended them by raising money to give to cancer research. If you are one of those people who love cancer, Im sorry I offended you. Please come back. That has to be the reason, right? Let's see...what else do I even talk about? Vodka, screaming at my kids...cant be those, I mean, my mormon friends always tell me how great those posts are...arent I pretty? Is that it? Are you leaving me because Im ugly? How frickin shallow are you people? I mean, we cant all be pretty??!! That's why I teamed up with Deb, anyway!! She's pretty, and Im not, we compliment each other! dont this because I smell? How do you people even know I smell? Look, it's a medical condition, and I dont think it's fair that couldnt know unless...are you following me??!! I mean, how fucking creepy is that? Im calling the cops...leave me alone!!!

And to the rest of you...thanks for your unconditional love. Please dont leave self-respect hinges on your presence.

By the way, Tuesdays are Tuesday's Tributearound here...You got something or someone you wanna tribute? Come see what we're doing!!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A quick parenting charge.

When your 2yrold child ruins every activity at a 4yrold's birthday party, throws endless fits because he hasn't had a nap, and has every other parent in the place staring daggers at you for not being able to get your shit together...take him into the party room and reward him with a solo juice and cookie party of his own. NEVER let horrid behavior go unrewarded.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

OMG this is frickin have I not heard of these guys?

Got here to Austin and spending a bit of time with male friends...and in the process this clip came up...and now I may need a change of underwear after peeing myself laughing.How unbelievably true to life.

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On the road...

Headed to a friend's house for the weekend. Been a frustrating week, and now I get to clear my head and breathe easy while two young kids try to kill me in my car. Two things are keeping me alive at this point while my wife tries to make me puke with her herky jerky driving: fast food in an hour, and vodka and port at our destination.

I just pulled out my first "parentism" of our short jaunt...

"Be quiet or I'll knock your heads together!!"

Thanks Mom...that one's a keeper. Anyone have verbal abuse from the car rides of their past they wish to share with the class?

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

TT - What can Brown do for you?

I may have mentioned in the past that I work for a pharmaceutical company, and as a medicinal whore, I get lots of samples shipped to me. And long before those drugs prove to be life changing for a patient, they are therapeutic even as they remain in my home, fully boxed.

An entire game room, fully stocked, remains ready to be dusted yet again this month.

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - You Are Not Welcome Here.

Every year you come. You come under the guise of love, of adoration, of pressure and disappointment. You come on Valentines Day.

On my least favorite of holidays, you arrive with suddenly-five-dollar-greeting-cards, and incomprehensibly-inflated-fifty-dollar-flowers. Your buddies try to teach my wife that I don't love her every other day of the year, my kids that they aren't popular unless their valentines bag runneth over. One guy in Belgium keeps trying to sell me blood diamonds to profess my love. And I've had it.

So this tribute is to you, Conversation Hearts. You sugary and seemingly inconsequential bowl squatter. Your days of jumping onto my waistline as I try to sneak past are nearly through. You and your pals are on extremely shaky ground with guys like me. I am almost ready to cut you back to three bags a week...I could not be more fucking serious.

Finish your business and get the hell out.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

To participate in Tuesday's Tribute, Fill out a Mr. Linky below with your name and URL address to your Tribute. Need a details, or a button? Go Here.

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Yay, Nana!!

Just got a call from my mum, the first time I've gotten to talk to her since her surgery...she sounded SO good, so upbeat, even though I know how she must be feeling inside and out. So happy to hear her in good spirits. Thank you all for your sweet comments wishing her well...really means a lot to me.

Tomorrow is Tuesday's Tribute again, and we will be putting up Mr Linky later on tonight. Me, since I've been a bit heavy the past couple of Tributes, I will be doing something a bit more lighthearted...which I will write today as soon as the Muse gets her lazy ass over here.

As for you, what will you do?

Something silly? Something serious? We love to read your tributes, hope you'll come and play. This link takes you to the original Tuesday's Tribute post which outlines the whole deal, but simply remember that you can write about something you love, something you hate, the object is simply to tribute something other than you!

And don't forget to fill out Mr. Linky tonight so we know where to find you!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm ready to jump off my house.

I'm begging you.
You comment on my blog.
Those comments come to me over email.
I SO want to reply to your comment by replying to your email.
But for some of you, I try, but you are a "No-Reply Commenter"
I love replying.

Will you just take 30 seconds and do this:

Open your Profile Page.
Click Edit Profile.
Put check marks in "Share my profile" and "Show my email address".
Under "Identity" and "Email Address", put the email address you wish to publish, and have your comment replies to come to.
Want to change your "Display Name" while you are here? I like to use "Jay @ HalftimeLessons" for a little branding...I wouldnt use it for your name, of course...
Click Save Profile, and you are done, my friend.

Please. I'm begging you.

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A bit of a rough morning...

Got the kids at home myself...bit of a rough start.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Frickin Valentines

Bought my wife a bracelet I can tell she hates.

Both kids have started the weekend whine-a-thon exactly on schedule.

The computer I worked so hard to fix last night has a slight smoky smell to it.

You know what, my beautiful bloggy friends? We need a giggle. My best friend Tommie called a couple of nights ago, with one of his patented hair-brained withdrawals from his dark and twisted mind...and this one made me laugh out loud.

Today's exercise: I would like for each of you who want to play, to come up with Three Items. The significance of these items will be that if you were at the grocery store and you walked up to the register with ONLY these three items, the cashier would find it so alarming they would freak out good and proper.

So, for example, envision walking up to the register with:

A tub of Hummus
Rat Poison

Or picture the face of the cashier as you approach with:

K-Y Warming Liquid
A VERY large Eggplant
Tuck's Medicated pads

Ahhhh, that's better...smiling already...wanna play?

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 13th

Friday 13th has always been a fine day for me, and today has been no exception. My mom had her surgery, and she's doing well so far. Sitting up, giving the nurses some grief, holding her own tea.

Thanks to all of you who offered your well wishes...I'm going to bed before something shitty happens. I miss reading your blogs, I swear I'll find more time soon.


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I don't feel a day over 200.

My dear friend Deb had a fine idea this get people to share their first posts, a look back at where we had come from. The timing of this for me is quite...well...timely, as I am dangerously close to putting up my 200th post. So maybe this will do for a celebration, and we'll just get plugging along towards good ol' 300.

If you would like to play and give Deb some serious reading to do this coming weekend, go post your link on her Mr Linky, and repost your first post. As I read my own, I notice that my writing and topic selection is going downhill...quickly. Pretty soon will be nothing but 24/7 fart jokes. Hope you enjoy. PPffffft.

Originally posted August 23, 2008.

During a recent bout with morbid curiosity, I spent some time with a Life Expectancy Calculator, trading facts about my physical and mental past for...a number. A number which absolutely plays into the category of, “If you don’t want to know, seriously, don’t ask.”

So lets have a look at my scoresheet of suspect decision making to-date:

I smoked for roughly 17 years until the pretty girl I was courting said she would never marry a smoker.

I’ve had a weight swing of roughly 40 lbs in the past 20 years, and the swing rarely comes down…that damn gravity…

I spend the better part of my career in traffic, and when you couple that choice with a fairly significant and nagging case of ADD, my odds of a fiery demise are pretty well astronomical as compared to the norm.

And, I love you Mom, but you’re British. Your DNA isn’t gonna do me any favors, nor is Dad’s. Unless…do you want to share any deep dark secret about abducting me from a Russian couple on a yogurt farm outside Vladivostok?



As in, holy shyte ........... 72.

Let’s set aside the really emotional stuff for now, like the chance of missing a father-daughter dance, a grand-birth, or leaving my wife so early that she feels she HAS to replace me, and deal with the purely selfish. Time is no longer endless, like it was when I was a kid... you couldn’t move the clock no matter how hard you tried… couldn’t make Santa come but once a year, couldn't stretch summer to feel like it lasted more than a couple of days. Now, especially with kids, time moves exponentially, horrifyingly so.

72 means I’m well past halftime, and I only just realized. And clearly I haven’t been paying attention, and therefore haven’t been planning. Haven't been learning my lessons, haven’t been applying them to avoid the ones to come. If there were ever a time to start to do it “right”, it’s now.

So, at the tender age of 40, I'll call this lesson number one. Get with it, already.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some of my favorite things...

My Family.

To read this list so far, you might actually think I was male...a few more...

My blog.

Hmmm...yep, still male...not too many issues...


Um, Jay? Already said those, pal.


Ok...starting to...




Um...Security? Medic?

Ok...tell you what. For the sake for MamaKat's exercise, lets just focus on eating...shall we? Today my transformation to woman will be complete as I share one of our newest and newly favorite recipes with you. And I mean, this recipe is SICK. You know, sick good, not sick sick. Remember too that my wife and I aren't very experimental in the kitchen (I know...don't bother ;-) ) so this recipe is REALLY easy. And once I share this recipe on my blog, the only thing left to do will be to go shopping for Tampax.

Crockpot Chicken Chili

2 lbs chicken breast
1 can chicken broth
1 tsp cumin
3 cans Great Northern white beans (with liquid)
1 jar mild-medium salsa
1 8 oz block Pepperjack cheese

Put the chicken, chicken broth, cumin, salsa and beans in your crock pot. Cut the chicken into halves to fit them in if you want. Cook it all on low for 5 hours.

At the 5 hour mark, shred the chicken, shred the block of cheese into the mixture, and cook for 1-2 hours more. Serve it in bowls with tortilla chips.

Then go have sex. Fast. You know, before the chili kicks in.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WW - The Final Straw.

You know, I don't ask for much.

Air conditioning. A hot meal. Some cuddle time.


If you need me, I'll be at the Hilton, where they care consistently about my needs.

(Figure it out? I bet my OCD buddy Tena knows...If you get it, don't leave it in the comments...let the others squirm until they do. ;-) )

Thanks again to Angie
for another ragin' Wordful Wednesday...

Also Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for "Wordless" Wednesday...I always have such a problem being wordless...

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Tuesday's Tribute - To happier times.

It has not gone unnoticed that my blog has become a bit "heavy" lately with talk of sadness, feelings, tragedy, and cancer. And in fact, I had a big plan to lighten up today's Tuesday's Tribute with something light and know, get back to basics.

But in the end, I am, like many of you, a parent. Of beautiful and innocent (mostly...but that's another tribute) kids. So before I could sit down and crack wise to you again, yesterday 11 month old Cora died. And again, like with Tuesday's family, I feel for these people. Now because I know what it feels like to love something more than I love myself, which is quite an accomplishment. And now that I know how cancer affects the young like Cora and Tuesday, and the older like their parents. And my mom. And my cousin. And me.

Many of you regulars know that Deb and I designed Tuesday's Tribute last year as merely a promotional tool, a chance to encourage others to talk about things they loved, or admired, or were thankful of, on Tuesdays. Anything other than our regular and beloved self-absorption! ;-) And at that time, neither Deb nor I had even heard of Tuesday Whitt, and her struggle. So this week I got an email from someone asking if we were somehow affiliated with Tuesday's family, and I told her what I will tell you now: I didn't know Tuesday Whitt, and don't know her family. But that being said, like many of you, I have been affected by her. So I will simply use my blog at times like these to honor the memories and struggles of undeserving victims of cancer like Tuesday and Cora, and I will try to raise money for accredited organizations like St. Baldrick's, and hope that in doing so I am somehow reducing the chance of someone else I love being affected by a horrible disease.

So today's tribute is to "happier times", and getting back to them, soon. And the only way I can think to deal with the sadness is to do something about the sadness. And my plan is to still raise as much money as I can to aid in cancer research for St. Baldrick's this month, and then shave my head on March 21st in tribute to a lot of kids who lose their hair and nails, and who don't get to make the choice to do so.

And in addition, tomorrow I will be taking my camera to work to find something happy/hilarious/disgusting/riveting to share with you on Angie's Wordful Wednesday. No Cancer talk. Promise.

For more information about contributing to the Cora Playground, visit To contribute to my St. Baldrick's efforts, please go here.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

To participate in Tuesday's Tribute, Fill out a Mr. Linky below with your name and URL address to your Tribute. Need a details, or a button? Go Here.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tuesday's Wagie Ride. With no wagon. But in spirit.

Yesterday, Lee and Em hosted a virtual "Wagie Ride" to honor the memory of Tuesday Whitt...what an AMAZING idea. 

Where we didn't have a wagon, we took the opportunity to spend time with the kids, walking, playing, and despite their screaming and complaining, simply loving them. We went to a place called the "Kid's Kastle", that is covered in memories, and tributes, and donor plaques...the place just oozes with sentiment. And I took the opportunity to think more about Tuesday Whitt, as well as the many kids every year who live with, and die from this terrible disease.

And despite the sad thoughts, I also got excited again, at the thought of raising money, shaving my head again, and helping these kids. Once again I thank you for your donations, big and small, and I ask that those of you who have not donated to the cause please consider it. You have the ability to help some of these kids...even a small donation adds to reaching a cure.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

How do you love?

I wrote this on the way home last night. My mom was scheduled for surgery today, but due to a somewhat ironic twist, her surgeon is sick. So now she has been bumped a week, until Friday 13th. I know. Don't say it. So while I am in Cancer mode, I'll just remind you donate just a little would mean the world to some kids yet to have their lives rocked by a terrible disease. Please help. And to those of you who already have, I am humbled by your generosity and faith in me to put this money in the right hands.

Also!! make sure you go see what Lee and Em have planned for to honor Tuesday Whitt tomorrow...what an AMAZING idea.

How do you love?

My mom taught me how. She used her happiness, her pain, her youth and naivite, her age and experience, and she loved. The thing about men and love is, some feel like lesser men if they express it, even feel it. My mother forgot to teach me that lesson.

Instead, She described to me the beauty of a tulip, the good in my father, the decadence of a bar of sweet chocolate, the way a movie lifted her. She felt in her whole being these things that showed easily on her face. Then she did everything she could to describe what she was feeling, though I'm sure the words never reached the intensity of the beauty she felt.

As the years passed, as we all do, I found my own pain. Scarred by a woman, disappointed by a friend, leathered by life. It only took a few falls before responses were no longer cheerful, laughs were no longer plentiful, and the lines on my face my face and hands were the record of those who I felt had wronged me. Self-indulgent lines that, for a time, I made no attempt to ignore.

But that's the thing about love, and the real lesson my mother taught me. With the fundamental lessons of being ABLE to love, find love, and BE loved in place, it was only time that stood between me and the ability to amplify those lessons. And when the time was right, I opened my soul to another, and asked her to be mine. She gave me a daughter, and then a son. And as though unconsciously tapping my toes to music faintly rising, I was loving again.

Often I am ribbed for my feminine side, and there was a time when the jeers bothered me, but no longer. For I know what an unbelievable blessing I've been feel, and to love. I'm a man of few talents, but this I can give my kids easily. Just by seeing it on my face, and loving.

I love you, Mom.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Missed you.

Finally headed home. Exhausted, burnt out. Plus, it's so damn dry here it feels like someone emptied a box of Triscuits into my nose.

A man just walked by where I'm sitting, and he was crying. Just walking, and crying.

I think I know how he feels.

LOL... No, I don't. Crying at the airport? What a sissy.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

WW - My Toilet Phobia

Airport Bathrooms.

Just to make it clear, this is the #1 reason why I won't travel unless someone threatens me with my job. A "flight delay" doesn't just mean you don't get to take off on time, it means you are sentenced to indefinite usage of a public toilet. May God have mercy on your soul.

I want to encourage you to scroll down just a weeee bit farther to see the announcement I made yesterday...please help if you can.

Thanks again to Angie
for another ragin' Wordful Wednesday...

Also Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for "Wordless" Wednesday...I always have such a problem being wordless...

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Tuesday's Tribute - Immediate and Dramatic Hair Loss

I awoke recently at 2am for no good reason as I do more and more these days, and discovered this post from MamaKat about yet another family who lost a child to Cancer.

Some of you may know that this subject is near and dear to my heart as I lost my cousin last year to Cancer, and my mom goes in this week for a single mastectomy to ensure a long life with many grandchildren.

Therefore, I choose this Tuesday's Tribute to make 5 statements.

1. There is not one of us that this disease hasn't touched.

2. I don't care who you are, you don't deserve cancer.

3. Kids REALLY don't deserve having to go through all the baggage that comes with this disease...surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, pain, nausea, the loss of their hair and nails...and worse.

4. The only thing that will lead to a cure is continued research.

and announcement:

5. On March 21, I will be shaving my head again in support of children's cancer research though the amazing national organization called St. Baldrick's.

Can I share with you a goose-bumpy story? Last year as we all gathered to shave our heads in empathy outside the medical center, our organizer motioned for us all to look up at the windows where the children on the oncology ward were standing and waving at female doctor from the hospital was so moved by what was going on outside that she came out, walked to the front of the line, and asked us to shave every bit of the beautiful long auburn hair running down the length of her back. People cried, and laughed, and cheered, and gave everything they could to help try to stop one more child from having to go through a terrible ordeal.

This will be the second year I do this...last year I personally raised over $1600, and our venue, one of hundreds, raised over $60,000. And yes, today I am here to ask your help. There are a number of ways you can get involved.

1. You can join up, raise money, and shave your head like I do. Go here for details.

2. If you are trained, you could volunteer to be a Barber at one of the events.

3. Or if you are unable to participate in those ways, you can simply support me. $5, $10, $25, $100, whatever. EVERY BIT COUNTS. You can donate in your own name, or in someone else's, or even anonymously if you wish. Please visit my St. Baldrick's website here where you can contribute to my venue, see pictures from last year's shaving, and learn more about St. Baldrick's in general.

To Donate on the St. Baldrick's website with credit card, GO HERE.

To Donate Via PayPal, use the button below. Since PayPal funds can't be sent directly to St. Baldrick's, I have set up a PayPal account, where I will compile your contributions, and then use my own credit card to forward your donations to St. Baldrick's. What's more, since PayPal likes to take a piece of your contribution, I will supplement your contribution with my own funds to cover any PayPal fees, so your entire contribution gets to St. Baldrick's.

Tuesday's tribute is for shining your light on deserving people, things, heck even the UN-deserving!! I hope you all see this week's tribute as YOUR chance to help all those kids who are suffering from this terrible disease, as well as all those kids who WILL unless we continue the work to find a cure.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

To participate in Tuesday's Tribute, Fill out a Mr. Linky below with your name and URL address to your Tribute. Need a details, or a button? Go Here.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

A busy week...Great, but busy...

Hello beauties...and Tony...

Just a few updates today.

First, I wrote an article for about little girls and learning about money, and it is running this week. So rather than fill your eyes with my drivel here today, will you go see Elizabeth's site? She really has put together an amazingly professional site filled with great parenting WAS great until I got MY paws on it...go see.

Next, I am headed to Vegas for the week for real time to play, just a lot of work and a few scary moments with whichever of you stalkers decide to follow me out there to profess your creepy love.
I know, wishful thinking. Jill Jill, don't disappoint me.
Sorry if I don't have a lot of time to read and comment this week...getting caught up with the 200+ blogs I love when I get back will prove to be a challenge...

Finally, there will be something special happening this week, starting with an announcement tomorrow during my Tuesday's Tribute. You see, I, like many of you saw what happened on Friday, when little Tuesday Whitt lost her battle with cancer. I'm planning a call to action, I hope you'll come see.

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To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded. - Emerson