Monday, March 30, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - The Rising Blogger

Most of you know how I feel about awards. Not that I hate them, I really don't. It's just the ones that make you jump through hoops...I have explained it before, and I wear my "no awards" policy button on my sidebar. Yes, I'm grumpy like that. And again, I LOVE that you think of me, I just don't like spending precious blogging time at the awards circus...not when I had to give up the farm to negotiate the time away from family in the first place...

But every once in a while, someone approaches me with something unique, and in this case, her name is Janie.

You see, Janie sent me an email letting me know I had won an award, and I should come to her site to see it. And I'm thinking, awwww crap. So off I go to see what I am being asked to do to get a button to put on my blog...grrr...Gonna have to name 400 things about me that other people hate, recommend 60 other blogs to pass the award along to, hire an asian 10 year old with a Mac and a PHD to figure our all the linking code, and finally write a heartfelt post thanking everyone and their dog for this prestigious award before I hand it on to whomever I have been meaning to piss off. I know, it's a fine line between grumpy and asshole.

Instead, I found The Rising Blogger.

Turns out Janie is one of a few contributors to TRB, has been doing this for quite awhile now, and is in the habit of writing really beautiful tributes about blogs, bloggers and posts that she likes. And not just a "hey go check out..." type post, but a soup to nuts recap of the story of the post, blog, and blogger complete with highlight post links, images, and more. And I mean, this lady puts WORK into her work. What's more, she has a form on the site that allows you to nominate bloggers/blogs for review.

So today's tribute is about you, Janie and The Rising Blogger, and the work you do. As one of the creators of Tuesday's Tribute, I really appreciate ideas like yours that shine a light on others. Well done. Take a minute to go explore the work over at The Rising Blogger, (And Leave a Comment!)nominate a post you think is worthy, and follow Janie and the others to see who they pay tribute to next. And to whoever nominated me for the post about my mum...Thanks.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute changes...for the better...

Ok, a couple of things...

First off, I am sick. No pity party needed, I just wanted to thank whichever one of you it was who sneezed in my mouth this week. 'preciate it.

Next, A Problem:

I have been experiencing a problem with posting...when I publish a post, it takes more than 8 hours to hit Google Reader OR that sidebar widget that reads "8 hours ago"...Have any of you ever had that problem? At first I thought it was a feedburner problem, but now I dont think it is. Any ideas?

Tuesday's Tribute

I will be instituting a couple of changes to the Tuesday's Tribute program from now on... The first being that I will be offering a prompt each week from now on, to those of you who aren't exactly sure of what to post about, but who like to be a part of what the Tuesday Tribute is about. Specifically, that on Tuesday, it's not about you.

Your Tuesday's Tribute options:

1. Anything/Anyone you feel is worthy of a POSITIVE tribute. Friend? Family? Marshmallow Fluff?

2. Anything/Anyone you feel is worthy of a NEGATIVE tribute. Politician? Celebrity?

3. And this week's prompt: a blog or website that you love. I love it when you recommend blogs or websites, it's like a treasure hunt. I have one that I really want to share this week, so this is what I will be doing.

And the big news:

Each week from now on I will be picking my favorite Tribute from all the submissions, and featuring the link to that post in a newfangled sidebar button...thingy. Whether I love your writing, whatever you are tributing, or if you just made me laugh out loud, i will pick one post per week, and feature it in my center bar directly above. Just a little linky love each week to thank you for participating in Tuesday's Tribute.

Have fun with it.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blogversations: Fun with my head #3

Last night I sat and watched a movie with my wife...

"House Bunny".

And I seriously thought about asking a large man to take a metal pipe to my head rather than see this train wreck of a movie to its end.

But then I thought of my wife and kids, and realized that I had quite a bit to live for, and the resulting facial contusions left by a brutal bludgeoning would have a lasting effect on my employ-ability, and in turn, the higher education of my children.

So in an effort to regain some perspective, today I offer the video from last week's St. Baldrick's shaving event. It's no House Bunny, but I have to believe it helped some kids somewhere, and so did all of you. This isn't an exciting video, but I hope you...feel it.

Props to Summer for letting me post whatever I wanted today...I hope you all enjoy this video of my removing my hair, like Samson before me. Ok...maybe since I don't work out, this isn't a good comparison.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Jiggety Jigg is the only dance I know.

Tonight I sit and think fondly of a lady I have only known but a few months. And despite the vastness of the bloggyverse, I logged on for the first time, and there she was.

It was like walking down the hall in high school past the most popular of the cheerleaders, and not wanting to breathe for fear she might not care for your smell, and doom you to cafeteria mediocrity. So cute, so perky, those who strode in her wake could only wish for a mis-step, and never witness one.

In fact, to see her in all her glory was to be instantly envious of her popularity. And the only way to deal with it was to imagine her to be a royal conniving bitch.

Only she wasn't. She was sweet, and helpful, and accommodating, and funny, and loyal...and...


So tonight, Jenni, as winner of the 2009 St. Baldrick's Contest Grand Prize, I honor you. And what's more, I get to honor you as a person who genuinely enjoys your blogspunk and positive spirit. Not like if I were having to sit here and pretend that I think Jill Jill is hysterical, or Em is a gifted writer, or worse yet, pretend Candice isn't a Dirty Pirate Hooker. Shudder.

No, I have been a fan of Jenni's since I got here. And there was even a time last winter when she was going thru her "blue period", with some rather disturbing images having to do with Santa Erotica..

I didn't understand, but I supported her.

And then there was all that time she was dressing her kids like Edward.

Gotta be honest, didn't understand that either.

But do you know WHY I stood by her all this time?

Oh yeah, buddy. Meow.

Your button is in place on my left sidebar, my friend, and there it shall stay for a period of no less than 3 sayeth the shepherd, so sayeth the flock. Any questions, please see my lawyer.

Congratulations, Jenni Bean. I love your blog.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few tidbits...

1. Have you seen the winners from the St. Baldrick's Contest yet? They are below this post.

2. My friend Ann from Beadiful Things has some amazing stuff going on right pieces, some deals, and a giveaway...will you go see?

3. My other pal Deb is in a thoughtful time, and I just wanted her to know I was thinking of HER. Please go share some words of encouragement with her?

Still working on finalizing contest details and trying to return to my life after St. B...I'll be back tomorrow with some thoughts about a woman I like who has a rather odd name...

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Fun With My Head - #2 - The Winners!!

Well, it's over. And we have a pile of winners. So check out the video, and see who won, and tomorrow you can expect a post about one of our Grand Prize Winners!!

And I hope this doesn't give anything away...

Why didn't anyone frickin' tell me I had a bald spot??!! I look like Im growing a flesh-colored Yamika!!

PLEASE NOTE: I will email the winners that I have to ship things to, and I will have the people who donated prizes email their individual winners to arrange for shipping.

The Winners: (Sorry for the audio explosion in this idea what happened, but I cant make it go away, so careful of your happens at 1:02)

Truly, there are a lot of people to thank, and I hope you all know who you are. People who donated, people who blogged, tweeted, facebooked, begged, borrowed and stole...thank you all.

AND thanks to all who donated prizes...

  • My head... by Me. Winner: Jiggety Jigg!!
  • A Handstamped Silver Necklace, Donated by Kristen Winner: Danyele E.
  • An Ifeoma Scarf, Donated by Christina. Winner: Samantha B.
  • A Jar of Fresh Pumpkin Butter, Donated by Tabitha. Winner: Anna L.
  • Two Fantastic Books, Donated by Cheryl The Blonde. Winner: Ronda B.
  • A Tea For Two Body Butter Gift Set, Donated by Sera. Winner: Eddie.
  • 10 Beautiful Custom Cards, Donated by Briana. Winner: The Mom Jen.
  • A Scent-Sations Jar Candle, Donated by Gena. Winner: Heather of the EO.
  • $20 in Lottery Scratchers, Donated by Me. Winner: Stacey T.
  • My St. Baldrick's Lapel Pin, Donated by Me. Winner: Samantha B.
  • And FOUR St. Baldrick's Tshirts, Donated by Me. Winners: Ann W., Kristina P., Danyele E., Janie S.

For more information and pictures,
visit the contest page!

The Process and Thanks:

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - She said Yes.

Eight years ago today you said you would.

Despite a terrible year prior, a selfish wedding party, and a caterer who didn't seem to own any knives...

you looked me in my deeply hung-over eyes,
and told me that I would be the only one.

And you will forever be mine.

In great times, and in the others, here we remain.

I hope I never need to say it, but I always will.

I love you.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

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Amazing work, kid.

So many amazing images came out of this weekend...I hope to share them with you over time. For now, enjoy this little man who felt compelled to act.

I'm posting my Tuesday's Tribute tonight along with the Mr. Linky. Over the past few weeks I have done some silly tributes, but tomorrow I have an important one. And I'll just say that she is either gonna love it, or hate it.

Do you have something or someone to tribute this week? If you want to share, Deb and I are dying to read it. Make sure to grab a button, and post your link in Mr. Linky so we know where to find you...

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well, it's done.

So, that's it. Two months of fundraising and talking endlessly about cancer, sick kids and the like, and we have finally reached the finish line.

Let me share with you how we did. First, let me share with you how I did last year without you, in better economic times...

Goal: $500
Finish: 28 Donors, $1620.

This year, out of ROUGH economic times, your huge hearts brought this...

Goal: $2000
Finish: 73 Donors (you), Grand Total.....


And I mean...SICK. You came out, you supported the cause, you looked the goal in the eye, and proceeded to kick its meager ass. In fact, out of 150 shavees, you made me the #1 earner of both venues. Simply remarkable.

This is not about me, but I want you to know that this meant the world to me...what an amazing thing you have done.

So next, contest results, and video...I hope to have contest results on Monday, and video asap as soon as I can do some editing.

Plus, this coming Tuesday, a very special Tuesday's Tribute...well, special to me anyway, but I'll be posting something that I have never used's been sitting on my computer for 8 years, waiting for its purpose. I hope you like it.

Thank you, my friends...we made a HUGE difference.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ahhhhhh......It's a new day.

More to come...and the video is gonna need some editing...

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Ok, Let's Do This Thing Already.

Here we go....on our barely got any sleep, so other than this being a fantastic cause and memorable day, my spawn are sure to also make today a frickin' disaster. Stay tuned.

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Blogversations - The No-Talent Show

So here is my...ahem...talent.

Other than making messes and not cleaning them up.

Head over to Summer's Blogversations to see who else fell on the sword today.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Chance to Ride My Head. (Quit it...)


Well, we're coming down to the wire. Tomorrow (Saturday) I shave my head for children's cancer research. If you want to donate and enter the phenomenal contest that ends tomorrow, do it fast!

(No, I havent shaved my head already...these photos were from last year's event)

Look at the amazing prizes that will be given away:
  • Your name on my HEAD, and more! Donated by Jay.
  • A Handstamped Silver Necklace, Donated by Kristen
  • An Ifeoma Scarf, Donated by Christina.
  • A Jar of Fresh Pumpkin Butter, Donated by Tabitha.
  • Two Fantastic Books, Donated by Cheryl The Blonde.
  • A Tea For Two Body Butter Gift Set, Donated by Sera.
  • 10 Beautiful Custom Cards, Donated by Briana.
  • A Scent-Sations Jar Candle, Donated by Gena.
  • $20 in Lottery Scratchers, Donated by Me.
  • My St. Baldrick's Lapel Pin, Donated by Me.
  • And FOUR St. Baldrick's Tshirts, Donated by Me.

For more information, pictures, and a chance at the goods,
visit the contest page!

To all of you, I thank you for your generosity towards this important cause. I am SO looking forward to sharing the video of my shaving with you all as soon as I can post it after Saturday, and I will try to put into words what I and the throngs of people are feeling that come out to support these kids.

As soon as I have a final tally on donations after Saturday, I will post how you and I did...but for now, give 'till it hurts. Then give just a little more. ;-)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

TT - Career Planning

It's ok, my love.

Daddy doesn't know what he wants to be
when he grows up, either.

Only 2 more days to enter
the St. Baldrick's contest...Hurry!
I shave my head on Saturday!!
Is it gonna be YOU on my head?

Cheaper Than Therapy

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WW - It's not begging. Not exactly.

Heeeeere wifeywifeywifeywifey.....

Thanks again to Angie
for another ragin' Wordful Wednesday..."

Also Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for "Wordless" Wednesday...I always have such a problem being wordless...

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute - Angels at Kroger

Today I have a very special tribute to three individuals at Kroger whose names I dont even know. But you made a difference in my life, and I want to spend a minute acknowledging you today.

You see, on Sunday, as my wife worked hard to help the sick children in her care at the hospital, I worked hard to not have an aneurysm because of my own kids at home. And after a fairly pleasant morning, lunch, and naptime, we headed into our trouble hours...4-7.

After having been lulled into complacency, and having never learned the 4-7 lesson despite over four years of late day hell, I decided in all my wisdom to take the kids to Kroger to get a couple of things for a nutritious supper. And maybe a treat.

Two kids. One cart. Sit down. Stop yelling. Dont touch your brother. Stop sitting on the bread. Dont throw the bananas over the side. Sit on your bottom. NOW.

Enter Kroger deli employee #1. Please tell me where the Country Crock tubs of mashed potatoes are. (I know...nutritious. Save it.) Other end of the dairy.

Transverse the store. Sit down NOW. Stop touching your brother. Dont sit on the bread. Oh God don't touch the...sorry ma'am. One more time and you'll do a time out.

Enter Kroger dairy demon #2. Please tell me where the Country Crock tubs of mashed potatoes are. In that refrigerated case under the deli counter. Thanks so much, can't wait to tell your deli friend what an incredible moron he is.

Transverse the store. SIT YOUR BOTTOM DOWN NOW. And NOT on the bread. Get that out of your ear. Oh my sweet mary, if you put your mouth on that one more time I am not driving you to the hospital. If I have to talk to you one more time, no ice cream tonight. Ok, no ice cream tonight. Stop crying. Stop crying. Stop crying. Look how fast we're going! Look at us go! Weee! SIT YOUR FU....SIT YOUR BOTTOM DOWN NOW. NOOOO Not the eggs... PLEASE do not touch the wine bottle again...that bottle is the only thing holding daddy together right now. No you cant have a banana. Yes, you can have a banana. SIT DOWN!!!! NOT on the bananas.

Enter Kroger Angel of Death #3. Your coworker told me the Country Crock mashed potatoes were in the dairy. Can you please tell him he is destined to die alone, and tell me where the damn potatoes are? They ARE NOT in the case down here. No? that's because they are in Dairy. Well, just down from dairy.

By the MEAT.

Whatever I have done to you, Kroger, I wish now I had done it harder. And worse. And just a tad more violently. And to you three servants of Satan himself, this tribute is to you. Because the rooms of hell are filled with the screams of those who don't know where the Country Crock Mashed Potatoes are, but who pretend they do.

We did not have potatoes. We had ice cream.

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

To participate in Tuesday's Tribute, Fill out a Mr. Linky below with your name and URL address to your Tribute. Need a details, or a button? Go Here.

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Fun with my head, Part 1.

Well, I did it. I made a video.

It's been nice knowing you all. I'm sure you won't be back.

But if you do, I may have some real fun with my head...soon.

Head over to Summer's Blogversations to see who else fell on the sword today.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Some gentle housecleaning...

First off, if you havent gone over to tell Deb how great her hair looks, will you? She is donating to St. Baldrick's for EVERY COMMENT!! And now, our friend Melanie from Straight To Your Hart as offered to MATCH what Deb raises!!

Next, here is a list, and some free advertising for a few of you...but you know what this list is? People who comment on my blog, and to which I would LOVE to reply, but you are STILL No-Reply Commenters!!! ARRRRGGHHHH!!! You can fix this SO easily, just go here.

Beadiful Things
Mary Moore
Crafty Christina
La Dolce Vita
Tiaras and Tantrums
Call Me Cate
Annie Cookies
Shauna Blah Blah
The Eadle Family
Sandy @ Momisodes
Becoming Bianca
Petra!! ARRGGHHH!!
Ally @ Waiting for Rain
and... April. (Naw, she's fine, she just needed some linky love.)

This is not a complete list, just ones recently I have tried to reply to, and in some cases, written an entire email to only to look up discover that my email is addressed to No_Reply lalaland. If you are staying no-reply on purpose for some reason, then just ignore this.

If you are not sure how yours is set, simply go here...

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Fatherhood Friday: Never write a day off.

I woke up this morning to more rain. Lots to do, never enough time. Frustration at work, rush, rush, rush.

And yet, one of the best mornings in a long time.

Despite handing my wife unexpected things to add to her morning, she was sweet, and beautiful, and happy.

And despite my throwing the house into chaos with my own mistakes, my daughter made us smile with her story about her dreams...about princesses...again.

And despite any fears about not being able to reach the goals I set for helping St. Baldrick's this year...


And when I say "we", I mean YOU.

And despite the fact that we are over our goal, your donations, and posts, and giveaway offers for this growing contest keep coming. After all, it is not about an arbitrary number goal, it is about the children that we are helping.

So one day we don't have to talk about cancer.

Please don't slow down. I'm not. Only one week left.

So despite being cold, and wet, and trodden on by doctors who would pretend to know more...

Today is an amazing day.

Fatherhood Friday at Dad Blogs
Do you know about Dad-Blogs? Go see...
I really like these guys.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Go see what my friend Deb has done...
And tell her how great it looks.
Don't you sweet people ever get tired of me ordering you around?
What an ass I am...

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Seriously humbled by the outpouring of support for this cause.

The numbers are climbing, but we are not there please help.

To those of you who donated already: remember that you can get extra entries simply by posting about the contest. Simply post, and drop me a comment that you have done so...I am tracking entries like a SETI radio-telescope...guy. (remember, to have to have donated to get entry credit for posting) 

In addition, I have also been contacted by a couple of people who want to add to the prize list, that's in addition to the original prize list!! So I have added the first, and am working on the second...if this continues, there is going to be an even more serious pile to win.

Do you have a product you would like to donate to the contest? I will feature you or your store in the Contest Post if you want to donate a prize, simply contact me if you are interested. Think about would be encouraging donations towards St. Baldrick's AND getting exposure for your store!! (Sorry, but I already have a hand-stamped jewelry donation, so I won't offer another, and sorry, no "adult products".)

I just have to thank some folks over at, who have been actively advertising for the cause this ladies deserve every bit of greatness you will surely achieve. Go see what a phenom site they have put together.

Who's gonna win my head? This is your chance to help some kids, get involved, and win a lot of stuff...let's do this thing.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Donating My's only given me trouble.

Today starts my final St. Baldrick's push before my head shaving on March 21st. For those of you who don't know, I am raising money and shaving my head for St. Baldricks children's cancer research original post that talks about this decision can be found here. Want the reader's digest version?

Cancer Sucks.

And for kids?

Cancer REALLY sucks.

We have all come to recognize names like Tuesday and Cora, not because of anything great they got to do, but because of how their lives were cut tragically short. But remember that kids survive cancer as well, like Sunny Atwood, and this ONLY happens because of research.

So in an effort to tempt out the final donations to get me closer to my $2000 goal, I have some goodies up for grabs that I hope you'll enjoy.

So how does the contest work?

You donate to St. Baldrick's through the links below. For every 5 dollars you donate, you get one entry. After the shaving will be the drawing, and there will be a LOT up for grabs. There will be another way to get entries too...see below.

So what's the booty?

Your blog name on My Head.
The winner gets their blog name written on my head by my wife, a button made out of that photo with a link to their blog, and that button placed on MY blog PROMINENTLY for 3 months.
PLUS - You get an in-depth review post of your blog. (all positive)
MY MELON - The Ultimate in Advertising Space.

(No, I havent shaved my head already...these photos were from last year's event)

A Custom Personalized Hammered Mommy or Grandma Necklace
from Kristen's Custom Creations!
Thanks SO much to Kristen for donating this popular piece worth $40!!
Visit her Blog / Etsy Store

And that's not all!!
Also up for grabs is:

A Fantastic Ifeoma Scarf from Christina's Creations 
Thanks Christina for donating!! Visit her Blog / Etsy Store

And from the Fresh Mommy herself, Tabitha Blue is donating a jar of her INFAMOUS Pumpkin Butter...
Thank you Tabitha!!

Two Great Books from The Daily Blonde...Visit her Blog
Thank you Cheryl!!

A Tea for Two Body Butter gift set,
including a Chai Tea Body Butter and a Green Tea Body Butter
from Sensaria Natural Bodycare, courtesy of Sera...Visit her Blog

Thank you Sera!!

10 Beautiful Custom Cards from Briana's "Kittredge Kards"
Thanks Briana for donating!! Visit her Blog / Store

A 16oz Scent-Sations Jar Candle from Gena
Thanks Gena for donating!! Visit her Blog / Store

But wait!! There's more!!

$20 in Lottery Scratchers (if u win, share?)
My St. Baldrick's Lapel Pin (been wearing it for 2 months!)
4 St. Baldrick's Tshirts (new, not with my funk)
And anything else I can find between now and then to spice up the deal!

So how do I donate?

Now we're talkin'.
To donate on the St. Baldrick's site, go here:
Jay's St. Baldrick's Link

To send money via Paypal, go here:

How can I get more entries?

By donating more. ;-) Just kidding...well, not really...
Seriously, you can earn 2 additional entries by posting about this contest. BUT THERE ARE 2 CATCHES: #1 - You MUST donate $5 or more to qualify for the additional entries you will get from posting. #2 - It must be an actual POST between now and March 21st, not just a sidebar button. When you have donated and posted, make sure that you come back and leave a comment letting me know you have done so! I hope you can appreciate why I am doing this...raising money comes first, and I want people who have donated actual money to cancer research to win the prizes.

I already donated...does that count?

Unfortunately, No. Your money has been sent to Nigeria to fund future email scam research. ;-) OF COURSE it counts! All donations so far are already counted as if you want to post about this contest, go ahead! Let me know when you do, and I will put you down for 2 more entries.

What if I donated to St. B under someone else's name?

Well, I love that you donated to the cause, but you will only qualify for THIS contest if you donated under MY fundraising effort.

How many prizes can I win?

Great question!! The prizes will be divided up into two categories...Grand prizes (My head, and the necklace), and all other prizes. I will draw for the All Other prizes first, and you can win a maximum of 2 of those prizes each. I will NOT return winning entries to the pot for drawing the All Other prizes. Then, when it is time to draw for the GRAND prizes, I will return ALL entries to the pot, and you can only win ONE. So, your best case scenario would be that if you donated enough to have multiple entries in the pot, you could win 2 All Other prizes, and one Grand Prize. I wish I had that kind of luck. But maybe one of you do!

When's the drawing?

As soon as I get back from the shaving, I will do the drawing...I hope to post either on Mar 23or 24.

Is that it?

That, my friends, is it. The only thing you. Will you help? EVERY dollar counts, and we can make a difference, I know it in my heart. Remember those kids on the oncology wing that were watching me get shaved last year that I told you about? They are why. My cousin is why. And my kids, and your kids, and their kids are why.

Thanks again to Angie
for another ragin' Wordful Wednesday...How's all this for "Wordful"? ;-)

Also Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for "Wordless" Wednesday...I always have such a problem being wordless...

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posthumous pointer
To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one's self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded. - Emerson