Monday, August 31, 2009

Seattle and Slides.

Happy frickin' Monday, folks.

Not sure how your weekends are, but with two young kids at home I am ex-frickin-hausted by Sunday night, and actually excited about work on Monday.

Yeah, I know. Father of the Year.

Youngest is in the throes of potty training, and quite excited about it, so we made 783 trips to the potty this weekend, ate 286 jelly beans, and washed away 177 gallons of urine.


Took my ravenous dogs to Starbucks not once but TWICE for breakfast this weekend, and used multiple parks and fountains to fill time and keep them from killing each other, and in turn, me. Mom got to sleep an extra hour, and my life was shortened by at least that much.

Told you recently about my Twitter addiction, and yesterday decided to create a vehicle to help young Twits like myself develop more of a following. A couple of you with more followers than the Jonas Brothers laughed at me.

But I picked up 18 followers in one day. So you can pretty much chomp a steamer.

Of course, 18 a day is probably still small beans to you. If it is, can still chow down.

Don't mess with me this morning. I'm covered in kiddie urine.

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

Good luck with the potty training... hope you don't have to wait in a long line for the bathroom!

jsprik said...

i was already following you, jay and you me :) good luck with the potty thing. it took me a week with each..a hard core week, but then i was done!! every five minutes i was like, let's use the potty!!! put them on, nothing.....another five minutes, put them on, nothing...put them JACKPOT, TREATS, then they wanna do it all the time, see!! :)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Potty training is the pits, man. Hopefully it will be over soon!

Em said...

I hate that your kid responds to bribery.

Hate it. HATE IT. HATE IT!!!!

It's my jealousy talking. Just ignore me (already following :-) of course.

ciara said...

lmao @ chomping a steamer

so glad i'm done w the potty training days. now it's all about attitudes and hormones *sigh*

mommaof4wife2r said...

the next time you take your kiddos for starbucks twic a weekend, can we all come too??? and hey, you know i love me some twitter!

Clare said...

i haven't let myself get on twitter, i know i will be addicted:) hope the potty training goes well. so gald we are done with that:)

mikeg said...

Dude, I feel for you. Been there! it gets better when they can can do the big three by themselves: Potty, food and seatbelts. I promise...until then there is jamesons for you weekend coffee.

Mama Kat said...

I don't know...what does this have to do with Seattle OR slides??

CaJoh said...

With all the talk I'm a bit confused if you are talking Blogger followers, or Twitter Followers. Took the plunge myself last week so that I could post Facebook messages if I choose. Now if only I could figure out how to post to Twitter from FB I'll be in clover.

Lee said...

Eighteen? Pfffft, I'm lucky to get that in a couple of months.

I'm tired too, but from school instead of kids.
Glad you guys at least had fun... I think.

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