Monday, August 10, 2009

An Exerpt From Our Bed.

Time once again to take you into the unrelenting heat that is our private chamber, and share with you some of the dialogue that keeps our chambre d'amour so damn spicy.

Wife: What are you eating?

Moi: Nothing.

Wife: You smell like mints.

Moi: Do I?

Wife: Yes... you smell like mints a lot lately.

Moi: I've been eating a lot of mints lately.

Wife: You have?

Moi: Yes. While I drive.


Wife: What kind?

Moi: Altoids.


Wife: Why?

Moi: Because it's either that or tacos.



That's all for today. Harlequin Romance is here to pitch us a book idea and get some pictures, so I need to do my push-up. For more bedroom banter, Go Here.

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Jenn@ The Crazies said...

OK totally thought you were going with the BenGay smell or something... LOL

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL...well smelling minty is way better than some of alternatives...I have been smellin like icy's attractive

Under the Influence said...

Doesn't sound a whole lot different than our house, except I would often have to be yelling that conversation from the couch where I have landed to escape the snoring!

angie said...

Wow, Jay. Just wow. Those publishers are going to be knocking your door down with that teaser. :)

Tom said...

Tacos or mints....mints or tacos...well...unless you want to sleep on the couch I would say you made the wise choice.

Matt said...

All you need now is a sexy picture of Fabio for the cover and you are all set!!

Jillene said...

UGH!! That above Matt comment is really from me!!

Sharlene said...

Always go for the taco.

kisatrtle said...

that sounds like our house...

Crafty Christina said...

You made the right choice. Never pick the taco.

Sarah said...

If your system treats tacos like my hubby's, she needs to send a thank you gift AND card tot eh Altoids people.

Lee said...

But, why not tacos?
Tacos are deeeelicious.

She should be happy though, that you don't smell like tacos.

Shauna said...

I can direct you to some great tacos!

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