Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fountains and The Foundation Room

Great night, rough morning.

Hung by the pool till 7pm, which is a fantastic time of day to be sitting in the Vegas shade blogging on your phone. Until your blushing bride starts tapping her foot at her date for blogging at the pool.

Ill say it again,

Some people don't get blogging, or Twittering. Those of us who do get it that new places and experiences are meant to be shared with the world. And the nosy. Or both. Whatever.

Had a big plan to grab food at the Bellagio, enjoy the fountains, then head on back for our special nightlife surprise.

The thing is, you don't 'grab food' at the Bellagio. That place is a frickin SEA of people and lines, even during an economically slow Wednesday night.

Finally decided on a reasonable meal ($100) and headed outside to catch the fountain show, which I just love. A beautiful display of choreographed smoke, dancing water, and music.

Only the last time I saw it I was entranced by a show designed around Andrea Bocelli, and last night I got stuck with Celine Dion. Ugh. Still, beautiful...we enjoyed the show shoulder to shoulder with a few thousand pickpockets.

Finally, back to the Mandalay where we had been blessed with VIP passes to a fantastic club 43 floors up, overlooking the strip, called The Foundation Room.

A really fantastic place.

Even though the Wednesday crowd consisted of us and 10-12 people who made us question exactly how exclusive this club is, we still felt like royalty. Great music, ambiance, and big cushy couches for the wife and I to sink back and enjoy adult noise for a change. And the view...

Having fun to bake my english/irish ass some more this morning.

Hope you are all well, and if you haven't been following me on Twitter, make sure you find the link above...Ive been tweeting pictures from time to time. Minus the two french guys who insisted on putting lotion on each other while blocking our sun.

I can't believe we bailed them out of two world wars so these guys could lube up in my eyeline.

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Under the Influence said...

The Foundation Room sounds like a place where you would go try on lingerie (I worked in retail for a store that called the lingerie dept. "foundations"). Did you do that and you're just not telling us?

I am disappointed there are no pictures of the French dudes. Maybe next time?

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, ewww, just Ewww about the french dudes.

$100 is reasonable? YIKES! (and this would be why I haven't gone to vegas yet. LOL)

Seriously, doesn't your blushing bride know I NEED to hear all the details? Just like when I tweet the entire time we drive anywhere. LOL You NEED to know I saw roadkill, right? (I know you do. LOL)

Glad you are away and having a great time! Thanks for sharing :)

Allyson said...

sounds like a fabulous time! :)

Em said...

There are so many things I can't believe about the French.

Enjoy - tell the better half I LOVE her highlights!

Jillene said...

We stayed at the MGM Grand and we had all 3 kids with us. Most--o.k. who am I kidding--all of our time was spent at the pool.

mommaof4wife2r said...

so what i really wanna know is did you see the CSI crime team or did you help solve any crimes?

Lee said...

Next time, go to the Rio to their buffet.
And there's practically no lines.
Since you pay via machine thing.
Plus it's only $18 a person.

Tony@ That One Paticular Harbor said...

Oh vous chanceux

You call Mike Guarino he lives there. 702-228-1206.. keep having fun.

kisatrtle said...

sounds like you guys are having a much deserved holiday

Elaine A. said...

That last sentence is perfection. You make me laugh Jay. Have a great time!!

MamabearMills said...

glad you had a great time at the Foundation Room! Don't you love the view. rocks.

Kristen Zirkle said...

Glad you guys are having a good time. Enjoy your adult time.

angie said...

What a great picture of your wife. I tried to comment yesterday twice.........guessing that you were at Mandalay Bay and recommending that if you are in the mood for Japanese, the restaurant at MGM (I can't remember the name?) is wonderful.

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